Friday, August 03, 2007

Rebekah Kennedy drops by

Some people will say that Rebekah Kennedy does not stand a chance in her quest to unseat Senator Mark Pryor. Kennedy was the Green candidate for Attorney General, and gained a great deal of attention on AETN. She is an attorney, well educated, articulate, and has a good instinct.

Elections are not horse races, they ought to be open discussions. We are generally better off hearing a variety of opinions, even bad opinions. Kennedy does not fall into that category, however. She totally rips Pryor as a reliable Republican vote whenever the GOP needs a little extra help. She correctly points to some of his votes regarding the national security scares, and I agree completely.

Kennedy also has bad things to say about Congressman John Boozman (R-Wal Mart), so she can’t be all bad.

The Green Party has decided to circulate petitions to be on the November 2008 ballot, so sign it – even if you don’t plan to vote for her. A vote for Rebekah Kennedy can be consturd as supporting a more progressive agenda.

I do not know how I will vote more than a year from now, but we need more than the homogenized safe platforms of the Republicrats.

(Broadcast August 3, 2007)

I am proud to be Rebekah Kennedy's big sister.She is a kind as well as smart young lady.
everyone should vote for her.
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