Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just one question for the Little Rock power brokers

It's tough to always be such a sorehead. The idea to pay Mark Stodola a full-time salary to be mayor looks fair and straightforward, so only a total jerk would be against it, right?

There is no problem with Mark, or the city manager, Bruce Moore. The problem is in the details of two ballot items being placed before local voters. The real intentions of the backers of this idea is, I fear, a bit devious. Specifically, the people behind this need to derail reform to keep a system that is structurally against the ordinary folks. It's really about keeping the "at large" seats on the board. A true mayor-council form of government, which I wholeheartedly support, does away with the special privileges our current organization gives to wealthy special interests who are over represented on the board.

Here is one question that ought to tell you for sure that their intentions are not right.

Why does none of the backers expensive advertising NOWHERE mention how much salary will be paid to the mayor with the expanded powers? Is it some sort of secret? Aren't they proud of their proposal?

Sorry, that is three questions, but you do get my point.

They want to give the mayor more power but they do not outline in the ads just what those powers are. Nor do they say what the city manager will do, or whether we are required to keep the city manager. They nowhere say why we need two highly compensated executives.

This has been put forward to keep people from asking for what Little Rock REALLY needs, a mayor-council form of government like North Little Rock. The mayor-council type has an independent city attorney, in the new scheme, that is impossible.

In the mayor-council arrangement, there are no "at large" council members, no special privileges for real estate developers and local fat cats. The current, and proposed enhanced mayor, forms in Little Rock are nothing but AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for the rich.

Scroll down. There is a lot to read on the subject.

VOTE "NO" TWICE ON AUGUST 14, and in early voting too!

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