Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another really bad idea

A group of unnamed citizens, styled as the Dollarway Patrons for Better Schools has filed a lawsuit against the school district, board members, the superintendent, and just about every other human being in Jefferson County. The crux of the matter is that the school district misstated the cost to homeowners if a higher millage passed. They were way off and it is a reasonable presumption that the very necessary tax would not have passed if voters knew the real truth.

Plaintiffs suggest that the deception was deliberate, an allegation which will be difficult to prove and is probably baseless. The bond company and the Jefferson county authorities have not known exactly how to proceed, and had asked an opinion of the attorney general. If this bunch can get an election called back because they failed to use an ordinary pocket calculator before the election to check out the school numbers, let’s call back the last presidential election. All those crazy “swift boat” ads were nothing but lies.

Using the plaintiff’s illogic, Bush should not be president. Lies are protected free speech and the Dollarway situation is appalling, even though the misstatements were almost certainly honest mistakes. Granting this motion would invite nothing but chaos.

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