Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our Daily grief

Today’s lesson in ingratitude in John Daly. This guy has a career path that weaves all over the place like – well, maybe that is a poor analogy. John Daly’s golfing has had its’ ups and downs, and has, by most standards, developed quite a bit of success. This native of Dardanelle has certainly made more money than most Arkansans, so his recent slide is really distressing.

We all wish John the best. There is something reassuring about a guy who drinks, smokes and lives hard. The problem with Daly is that he has made irresponsibility into a lifestyle. He showed up for the St. Jude event in Memphis Friday looking like he had gone ten rounds with Jermain Taylor. Actually, it was some sort of domestic disturbance. There are differing accounts.

It is very easy to pile on a man when he is having troubles. Generally speaking, there are two times when we find out what a person is made of, good times and bad times. One can be generous, encouraging and considerate of other less fortunate people under the best circumstances. Under duress, the better people are cheerful, kind and do not blame. Sadly, Dailey fails on both ends.

(Broadcast June 13, 2007)

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