Monday, April 02, 2007

Upcoming guests on Pat Classic!

Arkansas' foremost sports columnist, Harry King, will spend a few minutes with me Tuesday morning around 10:10. We might be able to find a few things to hash over.

Glen Hooks, from the Sierra Club, will be on at 9 to talk about the legislative session and enviromental matters. We will also probably get into global warming.

One of my favorites, Professor Carl Moneyhon from ULAR's history department, will be on Wednesday morning and we will get into Reconstruction.

Of course, we will convene the American Idol Viewing Team Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

State Rep. Dan Greenberg is on for Friday at 9.

Congressman Vic Snyder next Thursday (April 12) at 9:30.

... and there is more brewing....

The Pat Lynch Show streams "live" 8 to 11 at Most of our local stations pick the show up at 9, although they tell me Newport is on at 8. The listing is in the right hand column. In parts of Pulaski County, you can hear the show on 710 AM and 99.1 FM.

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