Thursday, April 05, 2007

Congressman Berry

I visited with Congressman Marion Berry last week. He is, by far, the most interesting member of Arkansas’ Washington delegation. Berry is a pharmacist by profession, and also a gentleman farmer.

He is plain spoken and was especially blunt on Iraq. One would expect Berry to take up a position against the Republican administration. He is fairly staunch in his moderate Democrat politics, but the Iraq war, according to the congressman, is the most serious thing that has happened to the country since World War II. He rightly points out the isolation the United States is experiencing from the international community.

Marion Berry understands how dangerous things are and the tough conditions Arkansans serve under. Politically, he could probably get away with being an old fashioned chicken hawk, but Berry obviously remembers Vietnam.

He is obviously well versed on farm policy, and thinks that good federal planning can give us grain for bio-fuels and continued low food prices at the same time. We shall see. He is more than annoyed with the implementation of the Section D Medicare drug benefit, and claims that slow pay is putting the squeeze on small pharmacists.

(Broadcast April 5, 2007)

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