Monday, April 16, 2007

Arkansas Gazette Documentary

I almost watched it. The first I heard about it was early Friday evening and I wondered (as I always do) if there would be any particular personal reason I should catch it.

A reliable source tells me that, as the final credits roll, the viewer is treated (subjected?) to my fire-and-brimstone speech from the rally held outside the Gazette building on the last day of publication. You may recall that the Gazette was never allowed a true "final edition."

My connection to the grey old lady was a political column in a thing called "Arkansas Inc." Remember that? It was a Monday insert.

The Arkansas Gazette was the oldest business in Arkansas and the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi. I must say that many of the folks got severance packages that were nice by any standards. Of course, that does not replace a job.

Life is hard.

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